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Cancer Research UK – November 2010

Michael was able to use his magic to help raise money last week at a Cancer Research Annual Dinner.  His magic was enjoyed by all the guests, and the evening raised over £12,000!

BBC Three’s Don’t Get Screwed – November 2009

Michael’s love for comedy led him to set up one of his good friends on a hidden camera show last week for BBC Three, which demonstrates consumer rights in different situations. The premise of the sketch was to charge the victim for goods and services which he had not used whilst staying at a hotel. A shortened clip from this sketch can be found by clicking here.

CBBC’s Best of Friends – October 2009

Michael was recently invited to be a guest Magician on the CBBC show Best of Friends.  His task was to teach six students from a secondary school to perform a simple magic trick.  Each of the students had fifteen minutes to prepare and practice the trick and then had to perform in front of the 3 judges, presenters Sam and Mark along with Michael himself!

Michael Performs at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles – August 2008

Michael was recently very privileged to be invited to the world famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles to perform his close-up act in front of 50 invited guests.  The Magic Castle is an exclusive and invitation only venue where some of the world’s most famous magicians have performed.

BBC News: Watch the Watch – June 2007

Last week, Michael was asked by BBC News to demonstrate how easy it is to swipe somebody’s wrist watch without them noticing. This was in relation to the news story about George Bush and whether or not his wrist watch was actually stolen. The BBC wanted to find out if this was possible and filmed Michael for a news item which can be seen by clicking here.

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